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Research Overview

Research overview graphic showing projects in 3 categories: Biomedical Devices, Sensing and Imaging, and Terascale IoT

Active Projects

Biomedical Devices

We develop circuits and systems for implantable and ingestible medical devices to enable next-generation therapies and diagnostics. Our work focuses on miniaturization of these devices, design of efficient and robust wireless power/data links, and end-to-end system design for various biomedical applications, including neural stimulation, in vivo biosensing, imaging, and closed-loop drug delivery.

Ultrasonically Powered Implantable Devices
Ingestible Medical Devices

Jun-Chau Chien
Spyridon Baltsavias
Max Wang
Ernest So
Ahmed Sawaby
Soheil Hor

Sensing and Imaging

We use multiple physical modalities and concepts from throughout the hardware-software stack to design systems that perform imaging and sensing in various application domains.

Terascale IoT

We build circuits and systems that enable an increase in inter-device connectivity by orders of magnitude. We work on both the front end (wireless control of mm-sized devices in everyday environments) and the back end (mm-wave communication for high-data rate backhaul).

mm-Wave Links and Wireless Fiber
Wirelessly Controlled mm-Sized IoT Devices

Mahmoud Sawaby
Angad Rekhi