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Arbabian Lab News

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>>  January 2023   Congratulations to Jun-Chau Chien on starting a faculty position at UC Berkeley as Assistant Professor!
>>  December 2022   Congratulations to Aidan Fitzpatrick and Ajay Singhvi for being recognized by Microsoft with a Distinguished Poster Award at the 2022 SCIEN Affiliates Meeting!
>>  October 2022   Congratulations to Jun-Chau Chien and his co-authors for winning the 2022 BioCAS Best Paper Award for their paper titled "Wireless Monitoring of Small Molecules on a Freely-Moving Animal using Electrochemical Aptamer Biosensors"!
>>  April 2022   Congratulations to Ajay Singhvi for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  April 2022   Our work on resonant photoelastic modulation for time-of-flight imaging has been featured in Stanford News.
>>  April 2022   Our work on a wireless drug delivery implant was highlighted by Stanford eWear!
>>  March 2022   Congratulations to Max Wang for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  February 2022   Congratulation to Nikhil Poole for receiving the 2022 Apple EE PhD Fellowship in Integrated Systems!
>>  January 2022  Congratulations to Ernest So and Pyungwoo Yeon from the Arbabian lab and collaborator E. J. Chichilnisky for winning the IEEE 2021 SSCS-Brain best paper award! Their paper at the 2021 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits on “An RF-Ultrasound Relay for Powering Deep Implants Across Air-Tissue Interfaces with a Multi-Output Regulating Rectifier and Ultrasound Beamforming” was selected from nominations solicited from ISSCC, VLSI, CICC, ASSCC, and ESSCIRC. Read more about the award and paper in the 2022 Winter issue of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits (SSCS) Magazine here!
>>  December 2020  Our work on photoacoustic airborne sonar has been picked up by Stanford News, IEEE Spectrum, and The Economist, among several other outlets!
>>  October 2020  Congratulations to Angad Rekhi for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  August 2020  Pyungwoo Yeon's proposal, titled "AI-Assisted Wearable Multimodal Lung Monitoring System for Remote and Early Stage Diagnosis," has been selected to participate in the Stanford RISE COVID-19 Crisis Response Trainee Seed Grant Program! This project is in collaboration with Prof. Zhenan Bao.
>>  August 2020  Congratulations to Spiros Baltsavias for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2020  Congratulations to Jayant Charthad and his co-authors for receiving the 2020 BioCAS Transactions Best Paper Award for their paper titled "A mm-Sized Wireless Implantable Device for Electrical Stimulation of Peripheral Nerves"!
>>  May 2020  Congratulations to Mahmoud Sawaby for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2019  Congratulations to Professor Arbabian for being promoted to Associate Professor!
>>  May 2019  Congratulations to Jerry Chang for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  February 2019  Congratulations to Angad Rekhi for winning the SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award!
>>  September 2018  Our proposal titled "In-vivo Sensors for Gut Redox Monitoring to Understand Host and Microbe Physiology" was awarded the Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program Seed Grant! This project is in collaboration with Prof. Justin L. Sonnenburg.
>>  August 2018  Congratulations to Ahmed, Spiros and his collaborator Will Van Treuren (Prof. Sonnenburg's group) for being selected as poster session winners out of 170+ entrees at the Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Seed Grant Program Symposium!
>>  August 2018  Professor Arbabian's SSCS Webinar from this April, titled "Nyquist-Rate Healthcare: Silicon Systems to Close the Sub-Sampling Gap in Health Monitoring," is now accessible online.
>>  June 2018  Congratulations to the group's very first PhD graduates: Hao, Jayant, Marcus, and Miaad!
>>  June 2018  Congratulations to Marcus Weber for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2018  Congratulations to Miaad Aliroteh for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2018  Our ultrasonically powered implants were featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Stanford Medicine Magazine (scroll down to "Powering implantable medicine"!
>>  April 2018  Congratulations to Jayant Charthad for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  April 2018  Congratulations to Spiros for being a Research Poster Session Winner at the 2018 EE Admit Weekend poster session!
>>  April 2018  Stop by Allen to check out Angad's redesign of the front entrance!
>>  April 2018  Check out IEEE Spectrum's article on our recently published ultrasonically powered implantable stimulator!
>>  March 2018  Congratulations to Hao Nan for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  February 2018  Our ultrasonic wake-up receiver, presented at ISSCC 2018, was picked up by Stanford News and TechCrunch!
>>  December 2017  Check out Stanford Engineering's video and accompanying news article on our ultrasonically powered implants!
>>  November 2017  Our proposal for the development of an implantable biosensing platform for long-term monitoring of a range of disease biomarkers was funded by Stanford Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center (PHIND)! This research is in collaboration with Professor H. Tom Soh.
>>  October 2017  Congratulations to Jerry Chang for receiving the best paper award (1st place) for his paper at BioCAS 2017!
>>  September 2017  Our proposal for the development of a non-contact thermoacoustic root imaging system was awarded $2 milllion by ARPA-E ROOTS! This project will be the first non-destructive, large-scale, field-based root phenotyping solution.
>>  September 2017  Our proposal for the development of sonomagnetic stimulation (SMS) was funded by the Stanford Neurosciences Institute Seed Grant program!
>>  September 2017  Congratulations to Greg Junek for receiving the best undergraduate poster award (2nd place) at SRC TECHCON 2017!
>>  August 2017  Professor Arbabian's talk at the SCV-SSCS Chapter's April meeting, titled "On the Relationship Between Nyquist Rate and Health Care: Silicon Systems to Close the Sub-Sampling Gap in Health Screening and Monitoring," was featured in this season's Solid-State Circuits Magazine! Stay tuned for this talk to be broadcast as a webinar in February 2018.
>>  July 2017  Our proposal for the investigation of methods for non-contact detection of internal anomalies in opaque targets was funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR)!
>>  January 2017  Congratulations to Vivian Wang for winning the Churchill Scholarship!
>>  December 2016  Check out our review article in IEEE Microwave Magazine about ultrasonically powered medical implants!
>>  November 2016  Our pill project was featured in an article on emerging diagnostics from Stanford (scroll down to "Better pill to swallow")!
>>  October 2016  Congratulations to Mahmoud Sawaby and Nemat Dolatsha for winning the John von Neumann Student Research Award for Excellence in Architectures Research!
>>  June 2016  Congratulations to Professor Arbabian for winning the Stanford Tau Beta Pi Undergrad Teaching Award!
>>  April 2016  Congratulations to Spyridon Baltsavias and Junyi Wang for winning the 2016 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!
>>  April 2016  Congratulations to Angad Rekhi for winning the 2016 NDSEG Fellowship!
>>  2016  Please join us in May at IMS 2016 for our workshop titled, "eHealth: Implantable Systems and Communications in the Human Body." More information available here.
>>  January 2016  Congratulations to Marcus Weber for receiving the best student paper award (1st place) for his ultrasonically powered optogenetic implant paper presented at IEEE MTT-S BioWireleSS 2016!
>>  November 2015  Read Stanford's press release on our non-contact thermoacoustic imaging project!
>>  October 2015  Congratulations to Jerry Chang for being a finalist for the best student paper award at IUS 2015!
>>  August 2015  Professor Arbabian receives a grant from the National Science Foundation to study next-generation mm-wave networks in collaboration with a group of researchers from UCSB and University of Wisconsin Madison.
>>  August 2015  Congratulations to Hao Nan for receiving the best student paper award for his wideband microwave applicator paper presented at PIERS 2015!
>>  2015  Congratulations to Maryam and Mustafa for receiving the best paper award at the VLSI Symposium (Kyoto) for the IoT Radio Paper presented in VLSI 2014!
>>  2015  Congratulations to Jayant Charthad for receiving the Stanford Centennial Teaching Assistant Award as well as the EE Outstanding TA Award!
>>  March 2015  The NeuroCircuit interventional research consortium for understanding the brain and improving treatment is announced.
>>  2015  We have organized an IMS 2015 Workshop on Emerging Systems, Methods, and Applications for Microwave and THz Imaging. This full-day Workshop is scheduled for Monday May 18th, 2015. More information here. The workshop covers topics in mm-wave/THz imaging, security imaging, non-destructive testing, medical applications, automotive radar, and advanced signal processing for mm-wave radar.
>>  January 2015  Professor Arbabian receives the NSF CAREER Award.
>>  2014  Professor Arbabian receives the Google Faculty Research Award.
>>  November 2014  Our IoT ant-sized radio was featured in Computer Magazine!
>>  October 2014  MIT Technology review covers Ant-Sized Radio: Can Electronic Devices Harvest Energy on Their Own?
>>  October 2014  Stanford press release on ultrasound-powered miniaturiezd medical implants in Stanford News
>>  2014  Professor Arbabian receives 2014 DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA).
>>  September 2014  IoT Passive radio featured in Stanford News (Youtube Video). News Items: PC World, Wired Magazine, Gizmodo, Science Magazine, EDN, Computer World, The Verge,, T4Mag, TechSpot,
>>  July 2014  DARPA RAM program launched. We will be working with UCLA and LLNL to develop wireless implants for neuromodulation! News items: NYTimes, IEEE Spectrum, UCLA, Medical News, CNET
>>  May 2014  Miaad’s paper on Magneto-acoustic imaging selected as a featured article in Electronic Letters! Interview
>>  April 2014  Congratulations to Hao and Miaad for winning 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!
>>  April 2014  Our VLSI paper on single-chip padless radio featured as one of the technical highlights of the conference. Congratulations to Maryam and Mustafa!
>>  Sept 2013  Professor Arbabian selected Hellman Faculty Fellow!
>>  Sept 2013  Nemat Dolatsha awarded best paper award at the IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband (ICUWB)!
>>  May 2013  Proposal gets selected for the new DARPA MEDS program (PI: Arbabian)!
>>  2012  Professor Arbabian named Stanford School of Engineering Terman Fellow!