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Arbabian Lab News

Arbabian Lab News
>>  December 2020  Our work on photoacoustic airborne sonar has been picked up by Stanford News, IEEE Spectrum, and The Economist, among several other outlets!
>>  October 2020  Congratulations to Angad Rekhi for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  August 2020  Pyungwoo Yeon's proposal, titled "AI-Assisted Wearable Multimodal Lung Monitoring System for Remote and Early Stage Diagnosis," has been selected to participate in the Stanford RISE COVID-19 Crisis Response Trainee Seed Grant Program! This project is in collaboration with Prof. Zhenan Bao.
>>  August 2020  Congratulations to Spiros Baltsavias for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2020  Congratulations to Jayant Charthad and his co-authors for receiving the 2020 BioCAS Transactions Best Paper Award for their paper titled "A mm-Sized Wireless Implantable Device for Electrical Stimulation of Peripheral Nerves"!
>>  May 2020  Congratulations to Mahmoud Sawaby for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2019  Congratulations to Professor Arbabian for being promoted to Associate Professor!
>>  May 2019  Congratulations to Jerry Chang for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  February 2019  Congratulations to Angad Rekhi for winning the SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award!
>>  September 2018  Our proposal titled "In-vivo Sensors for Gut Redox Monitoring to Understand Host and Microbe Physiology" was awarded the Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program Seed Grant! This project is in collaboration with Prof. Justin L. Sonnenburg.
>>  August 2018  Congratulations to Ahmed, Spiros and his collaborator Will Van Treuren (Prof. Sonnenburg's group) for being selected as poster session winners out of 170+ entrees at the Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Seed Grant Program Symposium!
>>  August 2018  Professor Arbabian's SSCS Webinar from this April, titled "Nyquist-Rate Healthcare: Silicon Systems to Close the Sub-Sampling Gap in Health Monitoring," is now accessible online.
>>  June 2018  Congratulations to the group's very first PhD graduates: Hao, Jayant, Marcus, and Miaad!
>>  June 2018  Congratulations to Marcus Weber for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2018  Congratulations to Miaad Aliroteh for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  May 2018  Our ultrasonically powered implants were featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Stanford Medicine Magazine (scroll down to "Powering implantable medicine"!
>>  April 2018  Congratulations to Jayant Charthad for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  April 2018  Congratulations to Spiros for being a Research Poster Session Winner at the 2018 EE Admit Weekend poster session!
>>  April 2018  Stop by Allen to check out Angad's redesign of the front entrance!
>>  April 2018  Check out IEEE Spectrum's article on our recently published ultrasonically powered implantable stimulator!
>>  March 2018  Congratulations to Hao Nan for successfully defending his dissertation!
>>  February 2018  Our ultrasonic wake-up receiver, presented at ISSCC 2018, was picked up by Stanford News and TechCrunch!
>>  December 2017  Check out Stanford Engineering's video and accompanying news article on our ultrasonically powered implants!
>>  November 2017  Our proposal for the development of an implantable biosensing platform for long-term monitoring of a range of disease biomarkers was funded by Stanford Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center (PHIND)! This research is in collaboration with Professor H. Tom Soh.
>>  October 2017  Congratulations to Jerry Chang for receiving the best paper award (1st place) for his paper at BioCAS 2017!
>>  September 2017  Our proposal for the development of a non-contact thermoacoustic root imaging system was awarded $2 milllion by ARPA-E ROOTS! This project will be the first non-destructive, large-scale, field-based root phenotyping solution.
>>  September 2017  Our proposal for the development of sonomagnetic stimulation (SMS) was funded by the Stanford Neurosciences Institute Seed Grant program!
>>  September 2017  Congratulations to Greg Junek for receiving the best undergraduate poster award (2nd place) at SRC TECHCON 2017!
>>  August 2017  Professor Arbabian's talk at the SCV-SSCS Chapter's April meeting, titled "On the Relationship Between Nyquist Rate and Health Care: Silicon Systems to Close the Sub-Sampling Gap in Health Screening and Monitoring," was featured in this season's Solid-State Circuits Magazine! Stay tuned for this talk to be broadcast as a webinar in February 2018.
>>  July 2017  Our proposal for the investigation of methods for non-contact detection of internal anomalies in opaque targets was funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR)!
>>  January 2017  Congratulations to Vivian Wang for winning the Churchill Scholarship!
>>  December 2016  Check out our review article in IEEE Microwave Magazine about ultrasonically powered medical implants!
>>  November 2016  Our pill project was featured in an article on emerging diagnostics from Stanford (scroll down to "Better pill to swallow")!
>>  October 2016  Congratulations to Mahmoud Sawaby and Nemat Dolatsha for winning the John von Neumann Student Research Award for Excellence in Architectures Research!
>>  June 2016  Congratulations to Professor Arbabian for winning the Stanford Tau Beta Pi Undergrad Teaching Award!
>>  April 2016  Congratulations to Spyridon Baltsavias and Junyi Wang for winning the 2016 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!
>>  April 2016  Congratulations to Angad Rekhi for winning the 2016 NDSEG Fellowship!
>>  2016  Please join us in May at IMS 2016 for our workshop titled, "eHealth: Implantable Systems and Communications in the Human Body." More information available here.
>>  January 2016  Congratulations to Marcus Weber for receiving the best student paper award (1st place) for his ultrasonically powered optogenetic implant paper presented at IEEE MTT-S BioWireleSS 2016!
>>  November 2015  Read Stanford's press release on our non-contact thermoacoustic imaging project!
>>  October 2015  Congratulations to Jerry Chang for being a finalist for the best student paper award at IUS 2015!
>>  August 2015  Professor Arbabian receives a grant from the National Science Foundation to study next-generation mm-wave networks in collaboration with a group of researchers from UCSB and University of Wisconsin Madison.
>>  August 2015  Congratulations to Hao Nan for receiving the best student paper award for his wideband microwave applicator paper presented at PIERS 2015!
>>  2015  Congratulations to Maryam and Mustafa for receiving the best paper award at the VLSI Symposium (Kyoto) for the IoT Radio Paper presented in VLSI 2014!
>>  2015  Congratulations to Jayant Charthad for receiving the Stanford Centennial Teaching Assistant Award as well as the EE Outstanding TA Award!
>>  March 2015  The NeuroCircuit interventional research consortium for understanding the brain and improving treatment is announced.
>>  2015  We have organized an IMS 2015 Workshop on Emerging Systems, Methods, and Applications for Microwave and THz Imaging. This full-day Workshop is scheduled for Monday May 18th, 2015. More information here. The workshop covers topics in mm-wave/THz imaging, security imaging, non-destructive testing, medical applications, automotive radar, and advanced signal processing for mm-wave radar.
>>  January 2015  Professor Arbabian receives the NSF CAREER Award.
>>  2014  Professor Arbabian receives the Google Faculty Research Award.
>>  November 2014  Our IoT ant-sized radio was featured in Computer Magazine!
>>  October 2014  MIT Technology review covers Ant-Sized Radio: Can Electronic Devices Harvest Energy on Their Own?
>>  October 2014  Stanford press release on ultrasound-powered miniaturiezd medical implants in Stanford News
>>  2014  Professor Arbabian receives 2014 DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA).
>>  September 2014  IoT Passive radio featured in Stanford News (Youtube Video). News Items: PC World, Wired Magazine, Gizmodo, Science Magazine, EDN, Computer World, The Verge,, T4Mag, TechSpot,
>>  July 2014  DARPA RAM program launched. We will be working with UCLA and LLNL to develop wireless implants for neuromodulation! News items: NYTimes, IEEE Spectrum, UCLA, Medical News, CNET
>>  May 2014  Miaad’s paper on Magneto-acoustic imaging selected as a featured article in Electronic Letters! Interview
>>  April 2014  Congratulations to Hao and Miaad for winning 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!
>>  April 2014  Our VLSI paper on single-chip padless radio featured as one of the technical highlights of the conference. Congratulations to Maryam and Mustafa!
>>  Sept 2013  Professor Arbabian selected Hellman Faculty Fellow!
>>  Sept 2013  Nemat Dolatsha awarded best paper award at the IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband (ICUWB)!
>>  May 2013  Proposal gets selected for the new DARPA MEDS program (PI: Arbabian)!
>>  2012  Professor Arbabian named Stanford School of Engineering Terman Fellow!

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