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Welcome to the Arbabian Lab!

We are a research group led by Professor Amin Arbabian in the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford University. Our work covers circuit and system design for (1) biomedical, (2) sensing, and (3) Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

On the biomedical front we explore the design of emerging and hybrid medical imaging modalities and investigate new technologies for wireless implants.

Our work in sensing includes methods to enable next-generation interfaces (e.g., radar system design for human-computer interfaces), as well as methods of remote detection and imaging.

In the IoT area, we work on architectural solutions that enable radically miniaturized sensors for a trillion-sensor (terascale) future, including wireless power and wake-up radios. On the other end of the IoT space, we also work on next-generation extremely-high-throughput wireless and wireline “pipelines” that facilitate information flow on the network.

Check out our research page for more detailed information about our active projects!