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Dielectric Waveguides for Next-Gen Interconnects

In collaboration with Oracle

Projections show that network capacity must grow by at least 1000x in the next decade to accommodate the increase of mobile traffic. As a result, data center infrastructure must undergo a similar speed increase to keep up with the trend. For 1-5 m short-range interconnect, at least 40 Gbps/mm data flux density is required to achieve 1-10 Tbps data traffic for switching modules within rack. We collaborate with Oracle Labs to develop a low-cost energy efficient solution based on our experience in Terabit/s High-Speed Links utilizing Dielectric Waveguide (DWG).

We have investigated the system requirement to achieve the data flux density with DWG technology, including modulation scheme, carrier frequency, and packaging density. We are designing a fully-packaged system based on quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) with DWG degenerate mode reuse and staggered-packaging of 2.5D DWG array. We are also designing a compact ≤ 3-Tap analog feedforward-equalizer to maintain the data rate for up to 5 m applications. We project our first demonstration to be able to deliver ≥ 50 Gbps/mm data flux density for 1 m interconnects and at least 40 Gbps/mm data flux density for 5 m interconnects.

We are also investigating a road map to extend the applications of DWG to the next decade. Initial study shows the promise with the help of more complex modulation schemes, combination of different equalization techniques, and better optimized packaging technologies.